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It’s So Much

On Thursday night (the night of the 28th) my great grandfather passed away. On Friday evening (the evening of the 29th) one of our sweetest cats passed away. This is a lot to deal with in one day. I wasn’t expecting this. I don’t know how to process it. It’s so painful. There’s an ache in my chest. But it’s also numbing because I don’t even know where to begin. It’s a lot right now and everything is happening so fast. My brain can’t comprehend how heavy my heart is.


Be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself tears. The pain affirms the great loss, as well as the love connected to it. You will pull through, and the love will stay with you. Take care of your body. You are loved. Your soul is growing.

Allow yourself to grieve, to cry, to process everything as it comes. There is a lot going on right there for you, and it can definitely be overwhelming.

I know how it is that nothing your’e saying is enough.
I only know one thing, that might eventually help you, but it’s not possible to help right away.

It is this poem:

"Summer in the hills,
those hazy days I do remember,

we were running still, had the whole world at our feet,

Here we stand, open arms, this is home, where we are, ever string in the world that we made,
I still hear you in the breeze, see your shadows in the trees, holding on, memories never change."

I didn’t write the poem, but I greive a lot even after all these years but then I sing it (there is a tune, and it’s beautiful) and when I sing it, I feel…

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