{It’s too much work to live}

I relate myself to a light switch.
Things are good for a moment,the light is on but then I’m always pulled back in some way or form into the darkness. It can be the littlest of things too…
as it flips off I wonder if it will ever just stay on. Why doesn’t it just stay on I often wonder.
Why is living such a struggle.
I have An unrealistic outlook on my life I want to be an actor a social media influencer and just have a career in The entertainment industry itself that’s my dream.
But I don’t want to work for it I want it to just come easy to me like everything else has.
I hate the thought of having to work to live I just want to live.
I don’t want to work.
but that isn’t how the world functions…I know that.
So I ask myself time and time again…
why live if I have these unrealistic expectations that things will come easy for me when it’s not.
Why live if I have to work for a life I want.
why live if life is going to be full of struggles.
why live when everyone I love will eventually die before me.
why live I ask myself…(why live)


Hey, friend. It’s really sad to hear that. You know what, we are birds of same feature. I also wish that life was easy. I don’t want to work but the world won’t work like that. I am still questioning the absurdity of life and the world. I say ’ WHY AM I EVEN ALIVE WHEN MY LIFE IS SO ABSURD?’ I just feel like to exit from this world. But I can’t because the world will be speculate why I died when I was such a happy girl. People understand ONLY from their level perception.
Hope you will be alright. Take care.