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It seems like there's no point anymore

He left. My mom is the same. Group therapy is getting worse. My urges are coming back. I might as well just succumb to what is destined for me. It seems to be inevitable that I’d come back to this point. The point where I have to cut to be in control of myself when everything is out of control. 40 times. Like the old times.

Please stay strong, you know life isnt easy but please dont hurt yourself. Even that life isnt easy,life have beautiful things too and you are worthy of that. So dont stop fighting please. Take care :raised_hands::hugs:

I’m not at all strong :confused: I already did it and I’m worthless.It doesnt matter about the “beautiful things”, I’ll still feel this way if I’m alive for any longer.

Hey friend.
Remember cutting only helps you feel better for that moment and later will make you feel disgusted and disappointed in yourself. Sometimes when you feel like cutting…do something completely different…something that you are not comfortable doing or something that you have never done before because it will probably have a better outcome. For instance…(and mind you, I have no idea where you live or your circumstances/age, etc…this may need to change should you be in an unsafe place, etc), maybe go to that old lady neighbor who always speaks of waves and ask her if you can talk to her. You’d be amazed what you may stumble upon. Stay strong friend…you are loved.


Thank you. I can’t do the neighbor thing because I know none of my neighbors and usually I don’t feel anything after I cut. I just want to be in control of my mind since it just succumbs to the thoughts and it turns into urges and I just, do it. Because I’m weak. Nothing else really helps. It usually always goes back to feeling terrible.

That was merely an example…just get out of your comfort zone and talk to some folks…even though this is probably the last thing you would ever want to do at the moment. As long as they know your intentions and that you are hurting, the large majority of people will gladly talk with you and try to help.