Its almost impossible to stop the lump forming in

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It’s almost impossible to stop the lump forming in my throat…the tears just fall and fall.

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Let it fall, my friend. I know that, in the moment, it feels like your entire world is collapsing though. This lump forming in your throat, this pressure on your chest, the feeling of not having the possibility to breathe deeply without feeling actual pain in your body… it’s so hard when we see the tip of the iceberg like this. When it feels like right behind all these physical sensations, there seems to be a huge well of pain that is scary to look at. It appears to be like this overwhelming, unknown void of darkness that feels however so full and heavy at the same time.

Let the tears be when you can, because this is a healthy and safe way to release it. To let, if not all, at least some of the pressure out. To allow yourself to be human, to feel this vulnerability, to let it have a space to exist as it happens to be a part of your own experience at the moment. It’s okay to give room for it, without losing sight of the fact that sitting with it doesn’t mean that you are going to stay stuck with it. That this very moment of feeling this raw pain is not meant to be your forever. That there will be more to it.

It is yet another wave to ride, yet another invitation to be as gentle as possible with yourself, with your heart. For it has been experiencing great suffering and deserves to have the possibility to just let it all out.

You are not alone my friend. I hear you. I see you. I hope you are safe now.
Know that, right here, it’s always safe to be you, jut as you are, at any given moment. :heart: