Its been 2 months

Its been 2 months almost 3 since I had my disability hearing and I haven’t heard shit they said it would take 4 weeks or “at the judges discretion” man it’s a good thing I have family I can live with cuz if I needed that money rn I’d be screwed and homeless the system is a real fuckin joke sometimes


It does take a while to get approved, it’s a long process. If approved, you will be paid from the time you started your paperwork to get Disability. I got a nice chunk of money after I was approved because it took like 8 months to process.

So, even tho it’s taking forever, when you do get approved you’ll still get paid for all that time waiting.

Is there someone you can call to check the status?



Applying for and getting disability feels like it takes forever when you need the money and the support now. I’m going to echo what Mystrose said about the start date going back to when you first file your application. I too am glad that you have family to live with and are not dealing with housing or food issues. There should be some way to check on your status, I would hope. Still, know that it could take longer, I think the 4 weeks is a minimum amount of time. Hang in there.


Hey @Derpplup,

Hopefully you’ll hear about this process and decision very soon. Paperwork and administration procedures can be very frustrating at times and definitely test our patience. You have done so far everything that you needed, taken all the necessary steps, and that is something to be proud of. Just like Myst and Mamadien said, there might be someone you can get in touch with in order to know how your application is going, if there is any update or not. Sometimes this kind of check-in is also a good way to avoid any possibility for your application to be forgotten somewhere.

I hope all of this settles very soon and that you can get some peace of mind. You got this. :hrtlegolove:

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