Its been a month

It has been a month since anyone from my social group has responded back to me via text, call, or social media.

Slowly ive learned that they do not care nor want to anymore since many have gotten married, moved away, or written me off.

I have summoned the courage to finally delete my Facebook and Messanger app…i left them up and active in case anyone reached out…but no one cares.

Why are there so many narcissists in the world? Why is there no love?


Hi blacklink13x,

I’m sorry everyone has gone quiet on you. It is frustrating to feel like you are always the one reaching out, especially when you don’t get a response.

Was your last attempt to reach out a month ago or have you reached out since then? I would caution against assuming circumstances and life can change drastically with no notice. While someone may seem narcissistic to you for not answering, something may have happened. Maybe they are busy or in bad health or their workload picked up at their job.

I know when I had my daughter I stopped talking to pretty much everyone because she was in the NICU and I was having complications with my c-section that led to me getting sepsis and so me and my daughter were both in critical care. It was the best we could do for about 2 months to just keep our life going much less talk to people.

I’m not making excuses for these people, but I know how easy it can be to jump to conclusions when you dont know whats going on. Maybe they saw your text but forgot to answer (I do that a lot) or just couldnt talk at the time. You never really know until you finally hear back.

That being said, sometimes it is better for our mental health in general to stop being the one that reaches out first. Sometimes our lives just have to take priority and reaching out doesnt make the list.

I hope you are able to come to peace with this, however that may be. Maybe by finally hearing back, maybe by putting yourself first and being the only one making the effort (as far as you know at least) or maybe by accepting that you can move beyond this.



Hi Friend, I’m sorry that your not hearing from your friends. In the past month have you reached out at all? People get busy and distracted by life and sometimes a little, “hey, how ya doin?” once in awhile will show them that you’re interested in keeping the friendship alive. I hope everything works out ~Mystrose


From: Mamadien

I’m going to echo what Sapphire said - and ask if you have reached out again over the last month? I know that with FaceBook it’s a lousy gauge of knowing who is paying attention or not. The problem with FB is that if you aren’t showing up in someone’s feed then FB puts a lot of other stuff there to distract and get your attention. Messenger isn’t really much better. Don’t delete yourself from FB or Messenger - isolating yourself isn’t an answer. Reach out via text or call if you can and see what happens before you give up on them. Please know that you are welcome here and that you are cared for whenever you choose to be here.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, Thank you for posting, I really cannot add any thing extra to what sapphire has said to you, I wonder if you are feeling so annoyed that you are not looking at the bigger picture, which is that people get busy my friend, time goes so very fast, one day you think to yourself that you must make contact with someone and then its a week later, I myself am very guilty of that and its not something I do on purpose life just gets in the way, I would love for you to take a breath, give some grace to yourself and your friends, drop them a line again at somepoint and see if they do get back to you, cutting off your nose to spite your face is never the answer. there is plenty of love in this world I promise you. Much Love lisalovesfeathers. x


I am sorry that you feel neglected by your social group of friends. It can be hard feeling left behind when you think others have moved on with their life.

It could be that they didn’t desert you but that they just have so much going on in their life that they don’t find the time or energy to reach out or respond. Time passes so quickly and life sometimes just happens. That doesn’t mean it is done with bad intentions or to hurt you. I believe it could be understandable that somebody doesn’t manage to reach out as often after getting married. And I also know that it is sometimes difficult to stay in contact after moving away.

Although there might be many narcissists in the world, what you described doesn’t really fit that “category”. And I still believe there is love in this world.

Don’t lose faith in your friends. If you really want to connect with them, reach out again and try different methods. Show them, that YOU care as well. :hrtlegolove: