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I am 17 almost 18. My parents making me stay at school even tho i don’t feel good. I woke up with a stuffy nose and sore throat and took a Sudafed I don’t ask to go home early very often anymore. I have not missed a day of school so far this year. Last semester i did not leave school early very much. In the past i had issues with missing to much school. Now it feels as if they are taking my past to use it against me or something. I don’t feel good and i want to go home. But they won’t come get me. Only if the nurse requires it. Am i being un reasonable?


Your feelings are valid. It is not wrong to want to do what is best for yourself. Unfortunately, as humans we are prone to judge based on past behaviors and events – confirmation bias is one example. You always have the truth of knowing you are trying to do what is best for yourself, even if there are people and actions you cannot control. Doing the best with what you can control is something you can always be proud of, regardless of how that is perceived by others who may or may not have your best interests in mind.


Hey @Fallen_angel,

It is not unreasonable to feel a certain way. How you feel is the expression of some vulnerability, which is absolutely valid in itself. It seems that school is not an environment where you feel fully comfortable, so it makes absolutely sense towant to come home earlier than expected.

On their end, your parents obviously want you to go to school in a more regular way than in the past. They have an idea of what would be good for you, but it also counteracts with what is good for you emotionally. It’s a hard situation, because none of you are wrong really. It’s just that, at the moment, you have different priorities, which makes it difficult to meet each other halfway. I imagine that, in the mind of your parents right now, they don’t want the last year to happen the same way, and expect to keep you somehow accountable by forcing a bit more your presence at school. However, maybe there is a middle ground to find there, by talking with them and the nurse. Maybe you could do it gradually and not stay there longer each day, but alternate? That way, you could try to get more familiar with school, at least at a smoother pace, and your parents could keep encouraging you to go out of your comfort zone. Just a suggestion though.

In any case, I’m sorry that you are in this situation. The stress caused by school is very real and I truly hope that you find ways to relax and keep yourself busy while being there. The time that is spent there can also be good opportunities to spend time with friends or to do something you like during your free time. Associating, slowly but surely, school with activities and times that are positive for you, might also be something to challenge yourself with and initiate some healing for you.

I’m sending hugs and peaceful vibes your way. :hrtlegolove:

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Turns out i had a cold. Stayed home Friday should be back at school monday <3


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