It's been good .... Sorry it's long

It’s been a week and 2 days since I came back home from my mom and sisters. And it’s been easier being home, I’m taking my Adderall to help me be up beat and off the couch, I somke weed to calm me down from anxiety and to sleep.
I told my mom that I smoke, she was more worried this time then upset like the last time. It was nice to not have her get upset with me, it was really nice to stay in her house (not so much the bed) it was nice to have her comfort.
I was really surprised that my sisters didn’t nag at me for leaving like they did when I was back in town to see them. Yeah one of them kept asking me everytime I saw her ‘hows your relationship with Evan?’ or she thinks this a motivational ‘you can join the team and we can workout together and we can meal plan and you can come work at the factory with me.’ it’s nice the first time I hear it.
I did have fun and I would like to move back but…I moved away because of them. I love my family but growing up with my sisters were not always the best and they like to judge, who doesn’t? It’s nice to have my own freedom.


My husband thinks my family manipulate me but it’s funny because they think he manipulates me?
They wonder why I’m so moody and confused. Good note is my husband said i should go see a psychiatrist to see if that will help me. Of course they will be expensive so it will take time.

Hi @Jewlie97 - Thank you for sharing. I am glad you have a regimen that seems to be working for you. I’m sorry that your mom was distressed by your habits, I understand that it can be hard to have people close to you disapprove of your behavior. It sounds like she has been accepting, and that can be a huge relief I am really happy for you.

I can relate, for me it’s better for the relationship if I only visit certain family, and not live near them or see them a lot. It sounds like you know what is best, and I am cheering you on! So proud of you for making the decision that is best for you. :hrtlegolove: