Its hard rn

I have days where i feel alone and today is one of them. I wish i was better with social interaction so i can keep more people around. Its very lonely rn I feel like I have no one while ik i do I always fear scaring them away. I feel like my feelings are just too strong for them to handle. Some days I really do wish someone cared about me enough to ask me what’s wrong, how im doing, if im ok etc. But rn I don’t feel like I have that which is making me really sad rn. Ik one day it won’t but rn it is and I hate it…


Sorry you’re feeling lonely. I hope you can feel a bit of connection here. I don’t think any feelings are too strong to express here. I don’t know what your circumstances are, but I hope you find opportunities to find the kind of friendship you desire.

Consider that others may find it difficult to approach you or anyone who’s feeling despondent. That can be because they’re afraid your mood will make them feel bad, or it may be that they lack the confidence to believe that they’ll be able to help you. People tend to be well into adulthood before it occurs to them that simply being with someone who’s lonely or feeling bad is a worthwhile gift.

One exercise in personal growth is to concentrate on becoming the kind of person you’d wish others would be for you. There is fulfillment in offering the kind of empathy and friendship you would like to receive. Sometimes setting the example brings out the same kind of friendship potential in others. In other words, it often happens that others will return the kindness you express. Often it won’t happen too, but you’ll still benefit from becoming a kind presence for others.


I know how you feel my friend sometimes I get that way too don’t feel discouraged there are people that care about you and appreciate you.

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From: Mystrose

Hi Andy, I’m sorry that it’s one of those days were you feel alone. I hate those kind of days, so I sympathize with you. Have you been able to talk your friend lately? How has that been going? I hope that you know that Heart Support cares about you and when you’re in stream it seems like you get a lot of love and support. I hope you can see how much HS cares. Let us know how you’re doing. ~Mystrose


Hi there @Andy,

Thank you for being here and for sharing with us. Feeling lonely and abandoned is incredibly tough, especially when compounded with worry about building new relationships. It’s such a challenge when we don’t have those connections that we seek, and I recognize that nothing I say can truly fill that void.

With that said, I hope that we’re able to give you a little platform to share here. I know it’s not the same – we could never replace a close friend – but we’re here for you and would love to hear more about how you’re doing. So, with that said, I want to ask: How are you doing today? Still feeling particularly lonely or has that subsided a bit with time?

We’re here for you and care about you. Thank you for being here and for sharing with us.

<3 Tuna


From: twixremix

hi andy,

i’m so sorry you’ve felt alone. loneliness is one of the hardest feelings to endure and while i love how you know things will change one day, the hurt you’re feeling now is so real and valid. heck, i’ve lost a best friend before because my life problems were too much for them which i can absolutely understand… but the heartbreak is real. so i get you, and i wish i could take this pain away. but for now, please know your heartsupport community is here for you and will always support you on your good and bad days. i’ve even made some amazing friends in this community through the twitch streams and discord groups - we’d love to have you join a SWAT group and get to know more people if you’re interested! otherwise, i’ll leave you with these truths: you are loved, you are seen, you are valued, and you are not alone.



From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Andy, I am sorry today has been a lonely day for you, I can relate to that as on the odd occasion I too can feel lonesome, I spend 90% of my time on my own and the way I manage it is with the online support I have and thankfully you have that too. It can get soul destroying when in the mindset of lonely so being online and mixing with others might keep you out of that mindset, that mindset can make your thoughts take you to not so nice places because the truth is you do have people that care and ask you how you are right here all the time, in streams and on the wall and they do it and say it because they care about you. why dont you make notes in a journal when your hs friends talk to you and you have fun on stream and then refer back to that on days like today to remind yourself. I hope tomorrow is better. Lisalovesfeathers. x


Yeah - it’s tough to be /in the thick of it/ - obviously knowing it won’t last forever - but hurting. Hard to feel like people care, but not quite in the way you need, or wish they would. It’s hard to feel not alone enough to be forgotten but not connected enough to feel satisfied…it’s that in between - the float where you’re not in crisis to warrant the attention but not well. It’s like feeling between two trains that both leave the station without you. It’s deflating to feel alone.

I can relate a lot to this Andy. To feel like the friend who always reaches out but is never reached out to. I can get stuck in self pity. And ultimately in isolation.

What you did today was an excellent step. You spoke up about it. You didn’t stay in isolation.

And one thing I’ve learned is you can’t heal wounds caused in relationship ALONE. So you brought your fears into the light, and I can safely say: your feelings are NOT too much. And I’m thankful you shared.

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