It's hard to hide from your own mind

I wrote something today to try and escape from the thoughts in my head and was encouraged to share it here. I’ve been struggling for awhile with a lot and don’t feel like I have an escape. It’s a struggle every day.

I am alone
Through perils unknown
And through troubles yet unseen.
I should be afraid
And yet all I feel
Is the void.
I am alone
In my own head.
I don’t know up from down.
I don’t know left from right.
My mind is a labyrinth
From which I feel there is no escape.
I am alone because…
I’m afraid to hope.
I am afraid to reach out.
I am afraid of what the future holds.
I don’t know where peace lies.
Where do I even begin the search?
The path feels treacherous.
Do I have to keep doing this?
Where does the pain end and hope begins?
Is there such a thing?
I am alone. I am…
What if?
What if I’m just a figment…
Of my own imagination?



You are not alone in this. You are such an incredible, loving, and caring individual who pours your heart into every person in your life, and I am so proud of you for posting and sharing what you are dealing with. I love you. This community loves you. From now until the end. We will be there for you to carry you through you trials and triumphs. Hold Fast :anchor: :heart:

Twoguys1couch :heart: :couch_and_lamp:

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Hey friend,

Thank you for sharing- I am proud of you for reaching out. I know it’s not always easy.

I want you to know that you are loved, and hope is still there- even if you can’t see it. There is a light at the end of this tunnel.

I know how it feels to believe you are struck in limbo- like things will never improve- but my friend that is impossible; even if things don’t change for the greatest possible outcome- things will at least be a little different, and you will be closer to the good days.

We are here to listen and give love and encouragement whenever you need us- this community is always here. You will never be alone.

Hold fast, I’m proud of you.

with love,
Lyss (your old pal Blurryface)

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My dear, you are one of the most caring individuals I’ve met in my life. I know all seems lost right now, but I promise you there is a way through. I’ve been where you are and I’ve seen the other side. I’m right here with you every step of the way. We are your light in the dark, we can help you find your way. You are stronger than you realize. The courage it took to post this just shows that. I believe in you, ALWAYS.

Love Tek


Firstly, thank you for coming here and being open and honest about your feelings. Secondly I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I know it feels hopeless and that there is no way out. But we want you to heal and feel better. Poetry cam be considered a form of escape and it’s sure helped me when I’m in times of darkness. Just know that here in this community we love you. No matter what kind of person you are and no matter what your story is. You are worthy of unconditional love and happiness like everyone else. I hope you come out of this cloud of sadness soon.

With love,

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Sometimes… the struggle feels like EVERYTHING. But know, you are NOT alone in this. Some days, it’s difficult just to get out of bed and be part of the supposedly ‘normal’ world.

I try to go out and find ways to find peace in nature, and I drag my camera long to do this. I hope you can find your own peace somehow.


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Hey @littlesparrow,

Thank you for sharing your poem with us; it’s very beautiful and you have a way with words. Writing/journaling is an excellent way to cope with (and conquer) negative feelings. I would challenge you to write the opposite of each line next to the original line. For example:

I am alone // I am not alone
Through perils unknown // Peace is my home
And through troubles yet unseen // Though my future is unknown
I should be afraid // I will not be afraid
And yet all I feel // I will not be swayed
Is the void // The void will fade

-Eric :slight_smile:

I am there in the trenches-
beside you.

Beside myself. Once again.

Every night I say it’ll be better than this. Then I too, miss the mark.
Unevenly arranged.

Like clockwork.

The unknowns are the reasons we breathe.
Yet it can be difficult to do this-

Being still.
Being at all.

@littlesparrow Rest, lift your eyes, and find yourself.

Be in your skin. Wholly and patiently.

Reacquaint yourself with all that which is (seemingly) lost.

Fear precedes much.
But it is fictitious.

You- are alive.
The very Essence.

Little light, it is okay to lose your way.

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