It's my birthday

Today is my birthday and it feels so empty.
I kissed my wife and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day.
She wished me a happy birthday.
I have $3.06 in my bank account and lt all went to rent.

I know there is no extra money for celebrations or gifts for either of us.

No one is coming over or nothing is planned.
It feels like we don’t matter.

Happy 53 to me

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Hey @Leugim_ren

Happy birthday!

Sometimes the gifts aren’t ones that have any monetary value, but simply being around the ones we love the most can be MORE than enough. Making a good dinner and just watching your favorite movies or shows together can be more than enough. Creating memories can be as big of a gift, if not bigger, than anything that someone can give you. And being around someone so special to you can be an epic memory.

I am so fucking tired of coming home to a mess.
My wife has ADHD and has trouble with executive dysfunction.
But it’s me that cleans it up, I have talked to her about it. We have discussed different options but it always goes back to the same fucking thing.
Dirty breakfast dishes open cold cut package left on the counter for days.
If I leave something out I get in trouble that I’m going to attract bugs, wtf!!!

Yesterday I told her I am putting away the dry dishes but not touching what’s there.

Great plan that was the fucking kitchen is still a mess.

Fucking tired