It's my life and it's just me

I watched my parents die 8n front of me. I watched my lil bro split his wrist. I watched everyone of my family die or ignored me. I’ve tried to reach out. I’m not a bad person
I am apart of our military I have done everything in my power to be a good person and a role model but at every turn I am just kicked to the side so why bother anymore. I am truly al8ne

You’re not alone. You’re a servicemember. That in and of itself is a brotherhood/sisterhood. Thank you for doing that.
Second, you’re here now, that’s another community. We look out for each other here. Feel free to message me directly if you need a more private conversation, I’ll listen.
Stay strong,

It’s just hard. It’s a brotherhood but it’s not like you think all I have is my wife and I feel like I’m letting everyone down