Its not that nothing i can do wont solve the probl

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It’s not that nothing i can do won’t solve the problem, it’s because nothing matters anymore and i don’t have straight to do the thing that would fix me. Sorry for bad english, not my 1° language.

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No worries for your english, my friend. You have expressed yourself very well here! Actually, I think this experience you have shared can be very relatable to many people who would read your words. Somehow, when you have endured pain for a significant time, you end up feeling completely depleted of your energy. It takes a lot of mental and physical energy to keep on living or even just surviving when everything in your life feels overwhelming, depressing or out of your own control.

Personally, I have experienced something similar, and still do at times, because of depression. It’s this shadow that seems to be overtaking everything all the time, adding some kind of heaviness to absolutely everything in your life, and it’s so hard to push through sometimes. When it feels like all your attention and energy is devoted to attend to your most basic needs, there is no room anymore to do anything more. You might know rationally that there are options out there to support you, but it just feels too much, too heavy, too difficult to even try. It feels like living with this invisible wall in front of you that separates you from the rest of the world. People don’t see it, but you feel it every day.

To me personally, it helps a lot to cultivate, as much as possible, compassion for myself when I feel like I’m in this kind of rut. To accept that now I can’t do everything. I can’t go out of my comfort zone. I can’t move mountains. I can simply focus on existing, while knowing that it’s not meant to be my forever. Just focusing on tiny, tiny steps, and only one at a time. It doesn’t everything immediately, but it helps ride the wave and find yourself again at the other end of it. :heart: