It's one of those sad nights

it’s close to midnight as i’m writing this, and tonight is just one of those nights where i feel so deeply sad and detached.

one of my friends is not doing well, and i’ve spent most of last night and today being there for them and they’re doing a bit better now though, which i’m very glad for, but it really exhausted me.

a lot is swirling through my mind right now, most of which i don’t even know how to put into words. and all i really know is that i am incredibly tired in a way that i haven’t been in a very long time. i was doing perfectly fine all throughout the day, so i’m not sure what really caused all of this.

i’m not quite sure what even the point of this post is, i guess i just had to try and verbalise my feelings somewhere. and i suppose i will just try to sleep it off and hope tomorrow will be a better day.


That’s all you can do hugs

I hope you were able to get a restful sleep and that your friend’s situation is improving. It sounds like you’re an awesome friend.


It sounds like you’re feeling emotionally drained. Best thing you can do is take a bit of time to care for yourself. It takes time to fully develop a capacity to be around people in need of support without taking on some of their suffering.


I completely agree with @Wings about the point of you being emotionally drained. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We do not know the severity of your friends mental state, but we do know that you helped them. You gave and you helped, but I need to stress the part that you gave. It takes effort to help others and it has an effect on you. I hope you’re doing better now, really. But sometimes all you can do is rest. Take this advice with a grain of salt because this is what I personally do when I feel down, maybe some will work for you, too :)! Just try to sleep, call someone you care about, eat or drink something you enjoy, change your environment; sit outside or in a different room or even in a different part of your room, watch some piece of content you enjoy but above all else just be kind to yourself. I hope you’re doing better!!!


Hi my friend,
thank you for reaching out. it is often like that, when we don’t get things out of our heads, they come back
later, they circle around until we don’t know anymore.
thank you for doing that now. often we tend to just thinkg, “that’s fine, im ok with that” but later it’s not.
when it comes to many things. you are there for your friends, you care about others.
even if you don’t feel affected in the moment, that sometimes can come back, haunt you back.
that is a sign that you should take care of yourself. do things that you love, spend time without worries and
negativities. let your mind rest in those times, and spend time like we all should do more often.
the world, our time is worth more than sorrows and suffers, it should be filled with joy and happiness.
i know it’s easier said then done, everytime.
you matter most ! spread some kindness and smile, and you will notice that can affect other people and you
also will get a boost. little things matter most. you have come a long way, there is also a need for taking a
break and reminding you about all the things you have done and you can do.
how are you today ?
you are loved my friend, you deserve all the good things this world has to offer. feel hugged :purple_heart:


From: twixremix

hi friend,

you’re a great friend for supporting them through a hard time in their life and i’m glad you’re in-touch with your emotions to understand that such deep support for someone else can be exhausting. what are some ways you’re taking care of yourself after that late night with your friend? hope you’ve been doing better over the past 4 days with a ton of good rest and self-care.


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From: ManekiNeko

hey, it can be very tiring when you’ve been trying to help someone. It can sometimes drain the resources. Maybe you need some down time to recover yourself. You’re a great friend for supporting them, and I hope that in turn you feel the support you need here


You’re a fantastic friend for doing your best to love and support your friend there. I do think it’s time to support yourself though, since you’ve exhausted all your energy to helping out someone else. I think you’ve definitely earned a good night to curl up with a book, game, manga, anime, etc etc and snuggle under the blanket for some self care.

Take care and replenish your spoons. <3


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey :hrtlegolove: You are a great friend for helping your friend out so much and feeling good that they feel good. But sometimes when you give so much of yourself it can leave you drained. It’s been a few days since you posted this. Have you managed to take time for yourself to recharge? I hope so. If not please do that. Do some things for yourself and get that energy and sense of self back. I hope you are doing better. Breathe deep :hrtlegolove:


Hey HeresA,

It sounds like you were there are a friend in need, and you gave selflessly to them. You may have been exactly what they needed to get through that night. You are an amazing person for giving so much of yourself to do that.

What you face now, is that you gave so much of yourself, you are drained. Your cup is empty, and you are feeling it. I encourage you to take time for yourself, and recharge. Do what you enjoy, what you find meaning in. Refill that cup that you so graciously shared from a few days ago.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, thank you for posting, my goodness its no wonder you are tired, it mentally exhausting helping to support someone you care for when they are struggling, it zaps all of your energy and leaves you empty. It might be easier to limit yourself a little if it happens again and by that I just mean, remember to take time for yourself, you can still be there for others but you must remember that you need strength and support too. I truly hope you slept well and that since then you have had the rest you deserve, You are a kind and genereous friend. Much Love Lisa. x