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Its so hard

What’s wrong with me?
okay well usually i wouldn’t do something like this something as in complain or rant… but im so stressed. So lately i’ve been seeing skinny girls they have skinny thighs, flat stomachs, bony faces , skinny fingers and it’s everywhere, it’s also what i wanna be like but it’s so hard. i’m not that old im actually really young… last year my weight would never matter to me but now it feels so important. working out dosent seem to help out so i try to stop eating so much sometimes only eat one meal for the day, i know that’s unhealthy but my thighs are fat my stomach is bloated which other people dont see? i should be happy that other think im pretty but i don’t wanna be like how i am. i wanna be more skinny i guess im pretty average but it’s not good enough! if only i could lose a few pounds.

life would be better but it wont work. i don’t know what i should do… at this point i just try not to eat a lot even when my stomach growls at me. there isn’t any results i feel so ugly. i wish that i was like how i used to be, skinnier and actually liking myself. i don’t know when this became such a big deal to me, i don’t wanna obsess over my weight for the rest of my life. ugh i don’t know i probably sound stupid. i just want someone to talk to me about it…

I cant take it anymore i just wanna punch myself. ): i’ll probably end up deleting this soon… so yeah


@stripey I kind of feel your pain except the exact opposite I’ve been a fairly skinny guy all my life and lots of my family and coworkers at work joke and would say I need to start eating more and all this crap because I’m skin and bones. So I really hated them saying that so I started going to the gym almost everyday taking protien powder, eating 4 to 5 meals a day for about 6-7 months and I will admit I got a lot bigger and looked pretty good. However it didn’t last, I knew I didn’t wan’t to spend all my time at the gym. Sure it was good exercise but I was turning down friends and family just so I could look good. I decided to stop all together and just go for a jog or a walk every morning when I wake up. It’s great exercise for me and super satisfying. I realized I don’t need to be this person stereotypical ripped dude and just love the way I am.

If you really want to change your body that’s fine just think of why you are really doing it. Is it for you or for someone else, I’d suggest just going for a nice jog every morning when you wake up then have a nice breakfast. I’m not sure if this helped at all but I have one more thing.

Just recently I found something called the “The Nu Project” this is what their about us says "the nu project is a series of honest nudes of woman from all over the world. The project began in 2005 and has stayed true to the original version: no professional models, no makeup and no glamour. The focus of the project has been and continues to be the subjects and their personalities,spaces, insecurities and quirks.

In other words it’s about real beauty in our world and I suggest you give it a look. Well enjoy the rest of your day!

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From: tromboness

Liking yourself doesn’t have to depend on how you look or how you feel you look. You have a body that serves the functions you need it to. We value you as you are. Hold Fast.


From: kayla1508

I’m not the best person to be talking about this as I struggle with eating and how I see myself too. However, I saw a video today by Michelle Khare called “I Trained Like A Victoria’s Secret Model for 5 Weeks” and I really learnt alot from it. I encourage you to check it out. Hold fast friend <3


From: all_around_ashley

hey stripey , the truth is you dont need to act a certain way , you dont need to look a certain way, you dont need to lable yourslef “fat” you dont need to beat your self down because you dont like how your body is. You should be happy with your body. we have this “ideal” way of what we should like to be able to impress others … But all you need to do is love you for you … let me tell you this who told you to look a certain way. You are fine the way you are. Hold fast!


From: edge0fheaven

hello stripey, just want you to know you are stronger than you think. you are reaching out, and that takes strength. strength to know this isn’t healthy and you want to be happy and healthy. and I am so proud of you for being so strong. you say you’re young, do you have a resource at school you can reach out to?


From: casual_h3ro

I think that a healthy life style and being fit is totally ok. But trying to compare value and worth based on physical looks is not friend. Looks always change… Accidents and age can change they way you look almost instantly…its something that never ends. There is always someone younger and more in shape ect. If you want to start a life of fitness you have to be patient, but it doesnt give you anymore worth as a person. I struggle with self image too, its not worth hurting ourselves.


Hey friend,
I hear you, that’s really hard. How we see ourselves is important to how we feel and take care of ourselves. I’ve struggled with weight my whole life and know how hard it can be. I highly encourage you to explore the reasons why you want to lose weight and seek out a therapist, if you don’t already have one. Talking to someone about these reasons and why you don’t feel good with how you are now is important. We are of course always here for you, but its okay to talk to a professional too. Someone with unbiased opinions and knowledge in these areas.

Often times the real reasons behind weight views are deeper. I know for me, I hated how I looked growing up and that was because I didn’t feel worth the attention of others. Many made fun of me, including my parents, so my solace was food. Granted my problem was overeating and being overweight, the feelings can be the same with wanting to lose weight and be skinny. I wanted to be skinny, like the other girls, but I chose at the time to live in my hurt and stay with that. You don’t have to go down that path. I’m now learning to love myself, at my weight, and work from there. You can do that now. It takes time, time to heal and work through the things going on inside your heart and mind. This is one of many places that offer that amazing support. I hope you know you are deeply loved, seen, and cared for, friend. We love you.


Video Response:

I also painted a graffiti of your name. Maybe you can make it a background, or print it out and remember that you matter and we love you.


thank you but no im homeschooled

I would seek help but no one around me i would talk about this to , im not known to be the sensitive type… so but thank you so much for your support

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WOW thank you so much that’s so kind of you, the video was really helpful. im not gonna lie i did shed a couple of tears. i really appreciate it

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