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Its time to tell the world my story

this is my story this is was writen for another stream u are welcome to read and share this as much as u want ignore the top bit but after hear we go the story


I Love You Dude. :love_you_gesture:
You Have Been Through So Much And You’re Still Here.
To Inspire Others And Help Heal Them Through Your Life Story.
I Wish I Had A Friend Like You Growing Up.
Maybe I Did And Just Didn’t Know It.?
Let You And Your Woman
Take Care Of Each Other,
Love Each Other,
And Heal Each Other.
Let Your Love And Light Shine On For All Of Time.

Love Was What Got You Off Those Tracks.
Hope Your Sister Is Doing Well My Friend.
And Your Family As Well.

Thank You For Sharing Your Story.
Peace Be With You Always.