Ive been alone for 17 years i dont want to have to

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I’ve been alone for 17 years, I don’t want to have to deal with people anymore, at all

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Being on your own for such a long time isn’t an easy thing to do. The independence and resilience you must have after such a long time must be incredibly emotionally and physically taxing. I found that much my experiences with severe loneliness made me have resentment towards others and become hyper-independent. I essentially identified in my loneliness and gave up on pursuing friendships and relationships due to previous hurt.

Some reminders that have kept me resilient through times of hurt are to remind myself that you have not met everyone that you will meet. It is never too late for you to find people who understand and care for you at any point. There is a God who is for you and loves you immensely who hears your every prayer. Through His strength, we are strong in our weakness.

You are a fighter and a very self-sufficient person. As someone who is very introverted, as much as I enjoy my alone time, the community I have, however small it may be, has helped me in my struggles monumentally.

If you ever need to talk or just to vent, HeartSupport is here for you. You do not have to go through this life alone. You are a loved person who deserves to experience and feel that love <3