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I've been away too long

Sometimes, I find myself turning inward, in order to maintain composure. The isolation can be calming to my heightened emotions.

Other times, I feel like I need to open up, and I just don’t know how.



It’s good to see you @EyelessDoll. <3 Everytime I see your nickname I think about your small glitter and it puts a smile on my face. :slight_smile:

It’s really hard sometimes to find the right balance between distance and closeness. I tend to isolate as well in order to collect myself from time to time, and regain some energy. It’s not always the healthiest strategy, but as long as you know yourself enough and set some rules to never cross, that’s still a way to cope. It’s understandable.

When you don’t know how to open up, is it always tied to present circumstances, or can you identify some reoccuring thoughts? For me personally, the biggest obstacle is the fear of burdening someone. Can be reaaally hard to break down this fear. But it’s still good to be aware of it.

I’m sending hugs your way. Happy new year by the way. I hope this one will be filled with opportunities for joy and growth. :hrtlegolove:

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Aww what a sweet thing to remember :blush:
Thanks for your reply.
My isolation is typically related to particular instances. But my struggle to open up, is a relatively broad issue. I guess I just struggle letting people be there for me. Maybe because I think they will let me down… or as you said- maybe I will be a burden. But mostly, it boils down to vulnerability. I don’t like feeling vulnerable.
I think the most beautiful relationships can be formed from vulnerability. But it makes me nervous.
Okay, now I’m rambling lol

Happy New year to you as well! Sending hugs and well wishes back to you

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