From joud: ive been getting sleep paralyzed way too much lately im scared to fall asleep at this point, i dont know what to do it even happens when i take sleeping pills.
i started getting used to feeling that pain of something heavy on my chest and not being able to breathe and its, its so scary.


From Goldface: Hey, is there some particular reason why you feel scarred about falling asleep. Is it because of flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks or any other problem?

From joud: because i get sleep paralysis?

From Goldface: No, as in, is there any reason aside that as well? Anything which follows it?

From joud: no=======================

From ManekiNeko: Hey joud, I used to get extremely bad sleep paralysis so I totally understand the terror of not wanting to fall asleep.
I know for me it was focusing on the small body movements. Like trying to move a finger. It helped me bring myself back to reality.

I know this sounds weird but even trying a new sleeping position can help. I used to sleep on my back, now I sleep on my side or stomach.

From Rohini_868: Mybe you can try a different position like <@878486519558574100> noted, I’e heard others say that sleeping o nthe back is one of the things they avoided too. Maybe add some gentle yoga stretches just before bed, to get your body less stressed and ready for bed. Trying to adjust the mental state before bed, worth trying that out!

From joud: i cant change my sleeping position cause i have health issues that dont allow me to sleep on anything but my back

From joud: ill try to move small body movements but what can that do

From Rohini_868: ah, understood. Would it be possible to elevate your head? Like prop some pillowsunder your back and head so you’re not completely flat?

From ManekiNeko: It helps your body break out of that sleep stage. Since your body is stuck in the sleep cycle, once you start to gain control over a movement it can help gently wake the rest of your body and break out of that state.
Since most of the time I couldn’t see or talk and couldn’t call out for someone to wake me up properly, it helped being able to concentrate on that movement and be able to break out of it myself

Hey joud, I’m so sorry that you’ve been struggling with this. Sleep paralysis must be absolutely terrifying. It completely makes sense to anticipate with anxiety bedtime as it’s related to such a painful and scary experience. As you have mentioned sleeping pills, I’m assuming you’ve been talking to a doctor about your sleep issues. Are they aware of your sleep paralysis as well? If not, is it something you would feel comfortable sharing with them? Even if they may not come up with direct solutions, it could be a first steps towards starting to express what’s going on, and eventually working on identifying the reasons behind it. I’m sending good thoughts your way and hope that tonight is going to be much more peaceful to you. :heart:

From joud: thats how i sleep everyday

From joud: what no i didnt talk to a doctor is it something that doctors can help with

From joud: i just woke up and i didnt get anything today

From joud: okay thank you ill try that when it happens again

Yes, a doctor can help you identify the underlying causes. Sleep paralysis can be triggered by something, and either a GP or a sleep doctor can help you for that, especially if this is something that affects your quality of sleep/make you end up feeling tired most of the time. <3

From joud: it happened again today==

From joud: i tried to move small body movements

From joud: but i failed=============