I've been short fused lately

I don’t know what’s been causing it but the last couple of days I’ve been really short with people (mostly men) who have been treating me like I’m stupider then them like even close friends like I brought something up about being pseudo vegetarian and two guys I’ve been friends with started talking immediately about their hunting practices and how they try to live the “proper” way when it comes to eating and I straight up told them to shut up cuz they were presenting it as they were better then me when all’s I did was being up my diet like I’ve just noticed the past couple of days that like men in particular have been treating me like I’m less knowledgeable then them and I’m getting sick of it I wanna just vibe with my friends not feel like if I bring anything up I’m gonna get well actually’ed or mansplained too like Ive been in a weird head space for like the last week I just have been finding it easier time around women and non masc people for some reason


It’s completely okay if you’re having a hard time with specific types of conversations, especially when it comes down to someone trying to basically do a “life 101” type of speech - it’s simply inappropriate. There are definitely conversations that can upset me or make me feel very insecure as well, and those can change over time depending on how vulnerable I feel at a given time. But among those, being explained things in a condescending manner is probably on my top 3. To be fair, no one likes that!

It is possible that your friends meant to simply discuss about something without wanting to make you feel stupid. But it’s also completely okay if that’s the way it’s been received on your end regardless. If their intentions are to “trigger” something in you, or if you suspect that they’re using that kind of conversation to compensate their own insecurities, then it might be good to try to talk to them about it, and see if this could be resolved with them or not. On a different note, it could be interesting for you to ask yourself what this represents to you - oftentimes we have reactions like these because there are situations that activate beliefs that we have, about ourselves and/or about others, or even because of past experiences that were similar and painful. Have people already tried to “mansplain” you before - or even just people who have made you feel stupid/embarrassed?