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I've been so alone for so long and everyone hates me the loneliness is killing me

Grief everyone has gone. Why I don’t know, noone will say… isolated like a caged dog, only 3.40 hours a month to talk to someone, everyone else has blocked me out… my family has shunned me so if I go on social media I am tortured further with the loneliness and abandonment. I’ve been in this room for over a year, my dads 4 year old death, still awaiting to be grieved, then all the others follow. His home, his car, his cat all to soon be gone, taken, leaving me behind as homeless. Noone cares. My shrink wouldn’t even look at me today on our 6 week virtual long enough to notice or care that half my face is swollen, and yet still noone takes care of me, poor little latch key girl, why haven’t I taken myself out yet??? FML


Hey @Tigerpaula, welcome to Heart Support! I hope that you feel loved and cared for here. I am glad that you are here. I am so sorry to hear about the loneliness you are experiencing because that sounds so difficult. I’ve experienced a small dose of that with the isolation this year, so can relate with you at least a little bit and know how hard even that can be.

It must be so hard going through all of this alone. I am so sorry. You do not deserve that. This community has been a great place for me where I feel heard, so I hope that it can be the same way. I know I am some stranger on the internet, but I care about you and want the best for you. I would encourage you to continue to reach out here when you feel lonely because there are some amazing people here and feel free to reach out to me personally if you just need someone to talk to.

Thanks again for being here. You are not alone.

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