Ive been there a child hood of mental and physical

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I’ve been there . A child hood of mental and physical abuse from my dad . Then growing up and having a wonderful family a wife and kids and then losing them in one day . My friend I found in his backyard where he hung himself . I’ve been battling deep dark depression for over 25 years now .


Hello. The deep dark depression can be hard to battle. Especially alone, I’m not sure how much support you have in your life from peers, or professionals, but if you ever want to share more. Please feel free to do so. If doing it on social media makes you feel uncomfortable there is also forum.heartsupport.com. No one deserves to grow up being abused, but unfortunately for many people it is the story of their life, and to lose your family later in life on top of the other struggles you have endured it has to be very hard. I hope that your day today is going better then days previous and that you can find some relief to the way you have been feeling in time. <3

Hey there my friend. Thank you so much for opening up about this heavy heavy weight you’ve been carrying.

I appreciate your honesty and am so sorry about your position. This sounds so difficult, to have been raised with trauma and to feel like you escaped that and found a happiness that was then ripped away from you. I imagine that being maddening and frustrating.

I want to reach out and ask if you’re ok and if you’re safe. I can’t sit here and pretend I’ve gone through anything similar, but I can let you know that I see you - human to human. The depression makes sense. I don’t judge or blame you for what you’ve gone through.

In the 25 years you’ve fought this - how has that looked for you? How have you coped with your hardest moments?

For a long portion of my life, I didn’t do much at all. I had a lot of temporary fixes for my problems, mostly in the form of people or alcohol. Took about a decade before I decided to try something new.

What I went through was very different than your struggle. But that being said, I have to ask if you’ve sought any professionals? Therapists or grief counselors?

I don’t say this to be prescriptive. It’s easy to feel like everyone is telling you to just go to a Doctor - and I know that too can feel difficult. Especially if you’ve tried.

Please feel to write back, to vent, to get this off your chest. You’re not alone my friend. Nor do you deserve to be alone.