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I've been trying to kill myself for the past 3 nights


I just want to die asap. I have no interest in living a full life.



Don’t take your own life. Keep reaching out. Talk to the ones you love and tell them of what you are going through. They will be your reason to fight. Keep on, my man.



This world needs you in it. We need you. Please stay alive.


Slow down, stay awhile man. I know if can feel lonely on your end, but I promise you’re not alone. You are loved and valued here! We love you and you are a valid, valuable, human being. Don’t go. Please stay.

Sam S.


I know this is gonna sound random but look into Buddhism, it helped me a lot when I was feeling like you


I disagree but thank you


Buddhism had nothing to offer me but repeating past experiences that I’d rather not go through again


Then I think you’re just practicing it wrong
Look up things 4 noble truths, dependant origination, and no self.


There are tools in this world that can help change your life, and stop you from doing something incredibly stupid.
I can help you with Buddhism I can send you my notes if you’ll let me.


I’d like to know why?


No one knows what a “full life” can hold for you.
This world has so much to offer that you probably have not seen yet.
Or maybe there is something hidden that you didn’t know you could provide from someone that could be EXACTLY what someone out there needed.

Is there a reason why you want to leave so soon?


I have no interest in living and living a full life. I just want to die.


I have no interest in living or living a full life. I don’t want any part of this life


So God/source does have a sense of humor but he’s not mean. I’m sorry that has been your experience but understand that it is our experiences are what makes us stronger. @Mpast is giving a good starting point. Take it!!!


If you ever decide give me your email and I’ll send you my notes and helpful links


I have no interest to see what the world has to offer. I have nothing to offer this world too.


Being lazy won’t help with anything my friend
Just sitting down without putting effort into something will only strengthen your logic.


I’m praying for you for you.


I don’t know if that lazy part of your sentence is you taking a jab at me but, I’ve gotten off my ass to go do this stuff that was supposed to help make me feel better. When I did practice Buddhism, all that was in my head was my brother beating me constantly and berating me.

I get that Buddhism may work for some, which more power to you, but it doesn’t work for everyone.


I wasn’t insulting you by calling you lazy. It’s just that from what you were saying I just thought I got that vibe and was trying to help you.
Buddhism is a practical religion and it takes time for self realization, go to a monestary ect… Ect.
But if you don’t want to do it then by all means don’t. In the end it’s all up to you
I pray that you don’t harm yourself in anyway but you must think to yourself this “This is a chapter in my life that’s finished, it’s time to move forward now”.