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I've got a boyfriend

I had a girlfriend and we separated during quarantine. But I’ve been playing VRChat and met some great people. Me and a friend I met there started getting closer together and I asked him to be my boyfriend and he said yes. We’ve been together for only a few days but we love each other very much and both of us are the happiest we’ve been in a while. He’s from Canada and I’m from the US but I know he likes driving so it shouldn’t be a big deal after COVID has gotten to a point where everything’s safe again. One thing that does kind of scare me though is I dont know what my family will think, but I guess I’ll find out eventually.


hey @Bryan !

This is amazing. I am so happy for you that you got a boyfriend! Great job. Im also glad you are happy and in love <3
Did you tell your family yet about him? Will you?
sending love,
bianka :grin:

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I haven’t told my family yet, I haven’t told them that I’m Bi. I’m scared to tell them because I dont know what they will think about it. It wont change who I love but I dont want to tell them until I know ita safe to


i know how hard it is to be “different” from the others. last year i came out as bi as well an people treated me like i am a whole different person. my parents don’t know and will never know. i mean at some point you need to tell them that you got a lovely boyfriend. you got this. i am so happy u shared this, ik how hard it can be.
if you need any help don’t forget to check on me,
bianka :heart_eyes:

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