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I've hit a road block like usual!

I wake up every day with negative thoughts going through my head. I’m always going back to the past. The past were I wasn’t good enough. Told by various people I would never make it. Mistakes haunt me every day. I try to run from them and i turn around and see somebody from my past and it all comes rushing back. I can’t trust any of my friends because they all have at least dicked me off or betrayed me. I feel everyone is against me. I constantly have my guard up. Iduno what to do anymore. I pray for the day I can be normal. My head is constantly filled with negative thoughts. My chest is constantly tight. Ive been to the therapist and put on medication and there is no relief. Iduno how to overcome this. I have a good job and children that are amazing you would think I would be happy but I am not. Please I need advice.

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I Read Something Recently That Might Give You Some Comfort My Friend.

“The Best View Comes After The Hardest Climb”

The Climbers Who Have Reached The Top Of The Highest Mountains In The World All Say The Same Thing About How To Best Go About It To Anyone Who Would Like To Attempt The Same,
The Further You Go Up, You’ll Notice That You Have To Carry Less.
I Feel That Can Apply To The Journey Of Life As Well, As We Individually Strive Up Our Own Mountains To Reach The Top.
We Have To Drop All Of The Excess Baggage To Reach The Top.
That Basically Means To Learn And Apply How To Daily Let Go Of Fear And Anxiety And The Pain Of The Past.

We As Human Beings Are Designed Naturally To Move One Way The Easiest Without Discomfort.
Forward. :slightly_smiling_face:
Left Foot, Right Foot, Forward.
Towards Our Better Days.
I Hope You Can Find Some Comfort In That.
Thank You For Sharing Your Thoughts.
Much Love And Hugz!
Live Long And Prosper My Friend!



I am dealing with negative thoughts too. There were a few people who walked out my life, betrayed me, and forgotten about me. It made me angry and bitter. But I don’t want to stay that way forever. I got to get better. We have the power to change. You sharing your feelings, emotions, being honest, vulnerable, and being transparent shows you do care. You are in a season. It won’t last. I encourage you to keep fighting. I hope you are hanging on. Thank you for reading this. God bless you.