I've lost myself forever(TW)

I’m not sure if there is even a point in needing support. I guess it just feels good to vent. Don’t like keeping thoughts inside I guess. But I don’t think I can be helped. I’m beyond it.

I don’t want to fight anymore. I just lay down and die. I’m so done helping myself, I just want to destroy myself now. Since I have no idea what’s wrong with me, I just gave up on trying to fix anything. I just to open up past wounds and let them bleed until the consume me. I’m not a strong person, people always tell me I am but they don’t believe me and I don’t believe me.

They’ll believe me soon though I suppose. I don’t want to wait until March to do it. I don’t know when but I don’t want to wait and stay here any longer. I just have to keep it together until whenever that day comes.



Hi Amaris I want to you a big hug. Do you know what put you into this state of mind? You have big ups and big downs pretty often, so I’m wondering what triggered you. What can do to help support you? We love you and want to see you happy. ~Mystrose


From: Dark Weeb 666 (Matt)

Hi Amaris I am so sorry you feel so bad. I want to give you a big hug as well as Rosie :slightly_smiling_face:. How do you feel about joining an action group here on heartsupport discord. I think it could really help you and there are some wonderful people there so you would not feel so lonely :slightly_smiling_face:


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey, friend! I call you friend because even though we don’t hang out I feel like I know you more than I know some of my friends. You share so much of yourself and we get to understand so much of your struggle and it is wonderful that even when you are at such a dark place if your life you continue to come and share with us. Thank you for continuing to come back here giant hugs

Now that you have deleted so much of your social media what do you think about going out and trying again to make some irl friends? Or find a better community away from social media? We are here for you and we want to help you.

Please tell us how we can help you. Keep posting, friend, keep sharing :hrtlegolove: :hrtlegolove:


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Amaris, is it possible for you to share is anything specifically has happened in the last week or so that has made you feel so sad? It breaks my heart that you are feeling this bad and we are unable to help you. I understand how exhausting it is when you feel you are fighting to find a little happiness and a little love but honestly Amaris you do not have to look far for the love, its right here where you are posting, there are many of us that genuinely 100% love and care about you. That is hard to believe so I will say it again, We love you Amaris and I am sure that you have people in your life off line that love you too, use those people now to lean on, to talk to, make them listen to what is going on in you mind and your heart, share all of your worries because if any of them, like us knew that doing that meant the difference between you leaving or staying with us then we all would let you lean, talk and be heard as much as you need. Much Love Lisa. x


From: Micro

Hey @Amaris. I know it’s going to be hard to believe this since you are now stuck in this tunnel vision where everything seems so dark and hopeless… but you are loved beyond measure. By all of us here. Yes, we’re not physically next to you, but we see you and genuinely care about you. It’s been a while that you have been in this community, and you know how it goes around here. You know the words are not said randomly, but genuinely, and with the best intentions. I see you. I care about you. I would these posts of yours and your willingness to reach out be followed up by some continuity and real help. Please, let us know how we can support you best. You are not alone. You don’t have to think about how to heal only on your own. It is, as you’ve bravely described, sometimes very confusing and overwhelming. We’re in this with you. You have worth and value. You have a lot to accomplish, still. A lot to live, still. Breathe. Slow down. Make sure to stay safe, friend. Give yourself time. Let the storm pass slowly. You’re not hurting alone. <3


hey @Amaris ,
We hear you , we see you , and we love you.

PLEASE continue to fight you have so much to live for.

Dying isnt the answer.

i know i might not have much to say but please keep reaching out . you are worth soooo much!

Hold Fast, You’re worth it!


Hey Amaris

Just wanted to let you know that you are loved and I hope you are staying strong friend. :heart:
Lisa x


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