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I've never felt so lonely

I feel lonely all the time, as well as very misunderstood and uncared for. I’m not sure if this is something my brain is tricking me into believing, or if I just don’t have friends who offer me the support I need. I recently moved out on my own for the first time (no roommate, just me). I keep telling my friends and family that I love the independence, but I’m realizing that it’s making my loneliness way worse. I have friends who I spend a lot of one-on-one time with, getting coffee and catching up and whatnot, but the more often I get together with them, the more I miss them when I’m alone. It’s a vicious cycle. I guess I’ve just always forced myself to have people around me to avoid the feeling of loneliness, because I hate how miserable it can be. I’ve never had a girlfriend and I haven’t had a best friend since high school, and I can tell there’s this huge hole in my heart that no one wants to fill. I long to have emotional intimacy with someone but just feel like I can’t get it (almost like there’s something wrong with me or that I’m being black balled or something). When I do get it, it becomes my drug. Yet, the few friends I feel closest to always seem to put me on the back burner, or I end up always reaching out first, and I wonder if they even have time for me. Honestly, I sometimes wonder if these people talk to me out of pity. If only they could see into my heart, then they’d understand the pain of my loneliness. How do I stop myself from always feeling this way?


This hits me, I feel like I could have written the same post.
Loneliness sucks, and I felt the same way after I moved out for the first time. It felt like it was my own fault which just made me feel worse.
For me, the key to solving this problem was just being honest with my friends and told them I was struggling. Most of them didnt even realize anything was going on with me and they were shocked. But after I did, things really improved and I started feeling more cared for by my friends.
And, if you ever need friends or people to talk to about this stuff, you’re in the right place. You can let me k JW whenever you need anything or anyone else in this community. We love you and we want to see you feel better.

Hang in there friend


@Jaden I’m so glad you can relate to how I’m feeling (and vice versa). It’s easy to put blame on yourself, and I do that a lot. It’s like only one keeping the relationships alive, like I’m grasping tightly on the rope to keep everyone I care about from falling away. I’ve tried sharing this with some of my friends. Even though they say they’re here for me, they’re simply too busy or preoccupied and nothing changes. I hate feeling like the desperate one time after time. I know I’m not a burden, but I definitely feel that way at the moment. Thanks for caring. It’s nice to be reminded that I am indeed loved, especially because I haven’t been feeling it in my world much lately.

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Wow. I feel the same. My problem now is that I’m crushing on a girl, at 40. I really like her, and I think maybe she likes me. She keeps popping into my head, but i dont think its mutuaI asked her to church, and she didnt respond for like 5 hours. It was nervewracking.
My ex really did a number on me. But I feel ready to love again. Really surprising. I make an effort. and I get nothing. Same with friends. It feels one sided. Could be just me…I have no way to tell. No one comes to visit. no one wants to hang out. Am I that terrible? Feels that way.
Weird thing is one message from her my whole attitude would change. Now I’m in a funk, and I dont know what to do.
I dont remember feeling so low. Feel need to isolate and wait. Will friends call me? Will they wonder about me? Doubtful.
I cant shake this feeling. Had a prettygood weekend but what’s life without someone to share it with? It’s all pointless. Hopeless.

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