I've never heard of ADHD?

I’ve heard of adhd but have never actually looked into it. I ended up watching multiple videos on adhd and took a few random tests and it seems to me like I have strong adhd. I know you’re not supposed to self diagnose and jump to conclusions but this would make so much sense.

Is this a very common thing or very rare, also can you treat this thing? I know nobody’s a doctor I just want to know what you guys have to say.
I also like having conversations, it keeps me sane

They have forms you can fill out at your practitioners office to see if you have ADHD. Then again many people claim to have it just to get the prescription to help them study.
If you do get prescribed just remember that cognitive behavioral therapy should be included. You dont want to rely on medication alone.

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@Cp2231 thanks! Actually I really don’t want to take any medication, I’ve tried cognitive therapy before but I didn’t say anything about adhd so maybe I will this time and see how it goes.

Yes medication helps. But CBT combined with it is most effective as study shows. This has been proven through placebo studies.

I have ADHD and there are times where it feels like a super power and other times not so much. I agree with @Cp2231 CBT is definitely helpful, I did that and it helped me to cope with and managing ADHD. I personally did not do medication because I just didn’t want to do that but there is no shame if you want to take medication. It’s not a bad thing having ADHD like anything else you have your good days and your bad days. There are also support groups so that you can bounce ideas around with other members as well as connect and make friends with group members. It can be managed and it should not hold you back from anything.

Talk to a doctor is the best move here. Be careful about any medicinal advice or suggestions from anyone. No matter what anyone else says is good or bad, be sure to discuss it with a doctor. What is good for someone else may not be for you. And vice versa, what doesn’t work for someone else could for you.

There are things to help with ADHD yes. But it’s important to have someone to work with to find what works for you all around if you are diagnosed. I found my balance and it was life changing. But what worked for me may be different for you.

I highly encourage you to bring it up to your health care provider for a better discussion. So you can find out.

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