Iv'e ran out of things to do

Hi. I feel like a disappointment, and there’s some reasons why. My parents yell at me without a solid reason at times, my grades aren’t the best so i feel as if my teachers are judging me from behind my back, and finally i’m not as good as i wish for myself to be so i disappoint myself. Feeling like this is like my heart being made of glass and there’s a hammer swinging down, and each day i feel like this it swings lower and lower until -bam- it shatters it. There’s been days were iv’e questioned whether i should continue or not. I can’t just go to a therapist since i’m still at home with my parents and don’t manage a system where i can pay bills. And i have asked them to go to therapy, they say yes, but they just forget to do it and iv’e given up on asking. I don’t know what to do now and some advice might help.

Hey friend,
I hear you. How you’re feeling is totally valid. It sounds like some hard times. I am glad that you found HeartSupport and posted tonight. Things like being yelled at at home and feeling like people are talking about you behind your back don’t feel good in the slightest. Grades can always come up with hard work, tutoring, and determination, I believe you can do it. It may help to work on that to improve how you are feeling about those grades and relieve the disappointment by replacing it with something to be proud of. I know that in school for me, when I felt this way, I always felt better after working hard and seeing my grades improve. To be real with you, I was a terrible student through majority of high school and let things get so bad I didn’t graduate on time. But when I took my classes over and did well, it relieved the burden of disappointment and I felt better, stronger, and others were proud of me, too. Its okay to feel down, but please don’ stay there. You matter so much and finding things that bring you joy is important to help you feel and do better. As far as therapy goes, there are a lot of free or low cost services out there. Mention that to your parents to ask their health care services you are under or your school counselors can help, too. I hope things get better, and we are always here for you, friend. Hang in there.

Thanks for the advice, even just reading advice and not doing anything yet can help. But I’ll be sure to at least try working harder.

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Please keep in touch, friend. Here for you through it all.

:slight_smile: i will try to check here daily

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How are you doing this week? Anything I can do to help support you?