I've reached my breaking point

Christmas morning was fantastic, the joy on my little brothers’ and sister’s faces, was all I needed to make my day so much better, but every good beginning has a terrible ending. So, my parents got me a cape blankie and a Fuggler stuffed animal, and my sister told me that if I swung it around one more time she would “burn it in hell where it belongs”. My gluttonous brothers were bickering all day about presents. My dad got the older kids, a PS4, but all day, my brother bugged about setting up his profile on it. The only reason my dad got it for him was that he was the “victim of our abuse”, basically saying that is was my sister and I’s fault that he had no friends, and we pick on him too much, even though we do the same thing to everyone else. He turned my innocent brother, that hasn’t seen HALF of the stuff that really goes on in our family, into the victim. He’s spoiled, and always getting grounded for his actions, but of course, the kid that knows more than she should, has to suffer, I’m sick of it, and I’m at my breaking point. Seriously considering running away at the moment. I’m done, I’m sick of all this “he said, she said” bull crap, it’s got to stop, or I’m running away.

Dear @Littlebitch666
I could be wrong, but these sound like little kid arguments. I have three younger siblings, a brother, and two sisters, and I’ve heard this plenty of times from them. Unfortunately, that’s what kids do.
But this isn’t a “it is what it is, so deal with it.” letter. Stay strong, your siblings may one day actually need you, and if you aren’t there, who do they turn to? I get that it seems like a lot, but there very well may be a situation where they need advice: maybe your sister needs to know how to handle love, etc.
Stay strong, you are loved :slight_smile: