I've tried overdosing again and I'm still alive

I just want to die. I wish I was aborted. I hate my life. There is no point in me living. I don’t matter and never have.

I’m sorry you feel this way friend. Sometimes I wish I was dead too, or rather just not have existed at all. This year has been tough, and I’m glad it’s almost over. I want you to know that it’s okay to feel this way, but what’s not ok is giving up. Sometimes life knocks you down and beats you until you feel like you can’t get up. But you can, you’re stronger than you know. A quote from one of my favorite shows called The 100 goes like “get knocked down, get back up” and I think that’s a great quote to live by. You have so much worth, and you’re loved.

Hi friend, im sorry you’re in a place that you feel the way you do, even though i get that way a lot too. All that I can really say is that it sucks until it doesn’t. Please don’t give up while it sucks because thats giving in. Please don’t give in to it/ You are stronger than it and you can beat it. You are loved :slight_smile:

@Megadave020 --> You do Matter.