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I feel like I am not doing enough with my life


I often feel like I’m not doing enough too. It’s a normal feeling to have as a human. Sending all the love and support your way :heart:

Totally a normal feeling to have. I feel discontent with my life so often. Sending so much support and understanding your way!

Your journey through life will always be different to others.

Don’t let your thoughts mentally block you from doing things you love to do.

Feeling like you’re not doing enough is a perfectly valid feeling to have, but you shouldn’t get stuck upon that feeling. Acknowledge that you feel that way, and then find something to distract you from that.

It’s important that you, change things up, it’s against human nature, but it makes you a better person when you reach outside your comfort zone.

Stay safe friend.

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From: hexambrosius

If you’re trying your best, you’re doing enough. In the end the race is long, but it’s only against yourself. Comparing yourself to others will never help, but watching your own growth and development, or even your effort towards growth and development, is the only thing worth paying attention to.

From: ladytapioca

I still feel like I’m not good enough compared to others I still struggle. It takes a while for me to learn we are all struggling and we all share pain. If you feel you don’t have any motivation or purpose give yourself purpose. That can be, saying hi to your friends, helping a charity, or just getting a plant to tend too. Sometimes you can’t telling of not being enough but you can keep going through and make your life enough.

Dont fall into the sht u see on telly and social media. Man you just living the normal life, no need to be a tryhard like you see others doing, do what makes u happy, if thats watching 10 seasons of stargate sg1 then go right ahead let that other ejit wake up at 5am to go for a run

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