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I have a successful career and a happy family. However sometimes I still feel like I’m not good enough, like I’m not living up to others expectations. Even when being told the opposite, I assume they’re just being nice to me and eventually are going to realize or be open about how they really feel.

From: ladytapioca

I had to live up to expectations of people who looked to me. It took me looking at myself and saying that their words their needs for me isn’t MY needs. Do what you know you can do. I know you can reach your goals, try to be more realistic with yourself and give yourself grace. Hold Fast Friend

Yeah it can be brutal to feel like everyone’s just faking it. It’s like the gate into your heart is broken…like you only allow in bad things and you keep out the good…the funny thing about this “backward” gate is that it feels safer – right, because you keep out the possibliity that anyone could lie to you and make you feel like a fool…but you are constantly keeping pain in. you end up hurting worse, more often, than if you opened yourself up to the possibility of good things being true. And yet it can still feel so impossible to flip the gate back around. It’s a tough spot to be in.

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