Jake Luhrs and Therapist React to Snuff (Live) Corey Taylor

Song kills me. I first heard it 5 years go. Yea, I’m late to the party. After my wife said “fuck it, I want to be single” but is in a serious relationship with a simp 3 days later. We weren’t even legally separated. I was going to end it. 3 older kids and a 6 year old but with her and she had me ready to blow my own head off. I blamed myself ultimately. Haven’t tried to date in these 5 years, celibate for the same amount of time. It’s like I’m not worth love. She tore out my heart and stomped on it right in front of me.,… :cry:

@heartsupport ive never been in a relationship but one thing that hit is (It took the death of hope to let you go) ive been letting my self go who i am because lately things have been going downhill none stop thing in my life and mental health and i feel that lyrics as if im siging to my self i feel like my personality my person is dying being smothered with problems and emotions im getting lost in it everything is feeling disconnected nothing means anything cause its only way i can cope with it all …i know i need help im kind of falling apart