Jake Luhrs and Therapist React to Snuff (Live) Corey Taylor

Music is a true outlet it’s a matter of perspective, you can sing or listen to songs deep and dark deemed depressing it’s more embracing the experience and being grateful that you’ve made it out of those Traumatic places life can deal us an unfair hand but throw them away…get your own cards and make your own fate and then you celebrate those moments because it’s more about celebration.

The sharing is true story telling when you reach in that abyss of emotion is being transparent, and that’s why it’s so relatable, pain dmakes you grow and learn but it doesn’t mean you’re friends.

This is the greatest love song ever written. Love doesn’t always end in happily ever after, rarely does actually. " If you still care don’t ever let me know…"

It took the death of hope for me to let you go.