Jake Luhrs hears the heaviest song in his life

when i look up “sounds to fall asleep to”, I want this to be the first and only recommendation

Still not heavier than Return Trip or Black Sabbath.

These guys are the future. The artwork they use is always on point.

Love the metal pipe sound effect in this song.

I love this…

Now try Burn Victim by Methwitch
It’s like this with whistle fry screams which are how people being skinned alive sound when screaming

Sounds like Justin Bieber mixed with a movie trailer

It’s just not that good….

cauchemar means nightmare in french. pretty spot on

Sounds like the sound during the video of the previous crew dying in hell in Event Horizon lol

You should do your next one on the new up and coming band “phantom limbs” (butterfly net) see what you think I’m loving them atm

Hey bro I’ve come up with the conclusion that this is like a complete soundtrack to a horror scene
It full tells a story effin crazy

intro: suspense
1 breakdown
2 even harder breakdown
3 even fcking harder breakdown
Interlude: someones in my house and the lights are flickering
end: i need therapy

I thought “A Divine Proclamation Of Finishing The Present Existence” by Last Days of Humanity was the heaviest I have ever heard.

The only artist that ever made me feel unsettled while listening is Nemertines. This artist finally gave me that feeling again. Shit is awesome

The piano parts sounds like I imagine dementia is like. Overall a 10 out of 10 on the very creepy scale. Is the guy getting his head clipped John The Baptist?

Sorry, being an old school , King Diamond fan, this is repetitive jumbled bullshit, check out the King Diamond catalogue of music, this is fucking ginger beer…Completely stupid, if this sells a thousand copies I will donate to this site. This sucks

It’s a heavy “sound” . . . … like an eerie construction site, but I’ll take Meshuggah or WhiteChapel any day over screech, crash, bang, scrape.

It’s definitely dark and eerie, but it’s not heavy. Too much slow jazz piano and electronic sounds.

Man, and this isnt the best song on the EP