Jake Luhrs Reacts to BILMURI - EMPTYHANDED

I’m glad he doesn’t rewind every 5 seconds.

Kevin James with the breakdown call out of the century😂

I really Hope this is Not my Gateway to Country.

in bilmuri we trust…

Ironically the vast majority of modern country drummers and guitarists are from metal bands. He’s also really good friends with Hardy who is the artist Beartooth did a song with. Hardy also does the screaming verse in Bilmuri - CORN-FED YETIS

Love bulmuri!! All years.

I love you Jake, but you got to put more respect on Bilmuri’s name. He’s not country. His past was in an OG metalcore band. He defies all genres. I saw him literally float one time during an encore. My friend said he saw him glow and become translucent once at a show. People call him the songbird of this generation. I love you Jake but you need to make an apology video. I forgive you and know you didn’t mean it but Taylor Swift wishes she had fans with the dedication of Muri Nation. You don’t want them coming after you.

My man first off huge fan of you and also Bilmuri deserves another listen cuz it’s sooooo much more than country core they deserve another reaction

It blows my mind that Bilmuri is Johnny Franck from Attack Attack

Feel like he doesn’t have a genre. Love bilmuri

the cowboy hat couldnt have came at a better time!!! subbed legit for that haha

How does Jake not know Jonny? There’s no way ABR and AA never crossed paths back in the day😅

Metal/Country infusion music is definitely taking off right now.
Hardy getting big is reason why with his popularity but then there is Beartooth collabing with Hardy, this song here, Brantley Gilbert and then there are smaller artists who you definitely should check out named Lakeview(guitarist use to be in Those Who Fear) and Royale Lynn, who just released a collab with Danny Warsnop.

People are calling this lawncore and I can’t get enough of it!!