Jake Luhrs Reacts to BILMURI - EMPTYHANDED

The newest song talking 2 ur ghost has him running through a field playing the fiddle. The man knows how to entertain.

I jsut found out about bilmuri a few weeks ago and i can say that i’m not disappointed. i havent skipped a single of his songs

Issues also incorporating country on their tracks :slight_smile:

Didn’t Attack Attack and ABR go on same tour ? :sweat_smile:

I liked it when March Ahead got real heavy with Lee Albrecht, but when Johnny transitioned to Bilmuri I wasnt so sure. Then i kind of just forgot about it all, then 400lb BackSquat came out and i fell in love. And now i love the entire bilmuri discography. My kids love this song, it’s Start Your Engines to them :joy:

Met you when you played at Cape Town like 7 years ago.

I know you do it for everyone after the shows but I appreciate the handshake you gave me after that amazing performance

We are in the age where genre blending have no bounds and I’m here for it. Jonathan from the ghost inside recently did a track with Nathan Aurora, a reggae artist. You should link up with him too, it would be rad!

You’re hilarious. Subscribed.

I think we’re going with Lawncore or Deerecore.

I love how much he loves it!