Jake Luhrs Reacts to BILMURI - EMPTYHANDED

I’ve been listening to bilmuri on and off (a few early songs from their first EP) and never knew it was a one man project. The songs on this new project are great and the videos are hilarious. God bless him.

You missed out on saying “it’s not this guys first mow-deo”

My favorite part is Johnny running in the background to get into place

One of the best country/rap hybrids I ever heard was RMR’s “Rascal”

It’s so goddamn good.

every album of his has this different theme to it. so this edition has country twang to it

That Okami poster is a massive win

As a lifelong ABR stan; as an unapologetic AA fan; as a new seeker in the cult of Muri; and as a Dylan Marlowe cuntry disciple I’m basically losing my mind at the moment