Jake Luhrs Reacts to Black Veil Brides - Bleeders

You should react to the new All That Remains song

Not sure how much you listen to All That Remains but you gotta check out their new track if you can man. Its took me way back

Jake Luhrs Professional Grown Up first

Side professions include vocalist, horse rider, slappady bass player, gym owner, founder of a non profit, John deer owner. Many more.

If you have time, you should check out all that remains new song divine! It’s pretty good

Love some heart festival but Better beat those leafs tomorrow!!

great song, even better live! just came to KC this week!

Last time i saw Andy, he literally said he was going to be himself and not wear a mask anymore. And that just hits so hard, because we all wear masks, right? I agree that this song is about fame, and the fickleness of it. Hos lyrics are always so on point. That is why i love BVB so much, its like they’re speaking to me.

So what did Matt do?? Did you pass out? You kinda trailed off on that backstory there Jake lol anyway great video!

Jake!! Please please please react to any of the new home team songs!!!

BVB usually spreads positivity and hope. They use to get hated a lot back then.

You cant stand blood and you listen bleeders

Give me a Pain Of Truth reaction, Jake.

Any tips on becoming a professional grown-up. I am only entry-level at the minute.

This song makes me like bob, they did more like this I would listen to them way more and not think they are so cringe

Yo Jacke whats up , if you Like to , you can react to the Ghost Inside Wrath from the new Album ,Sorry for my bad englisch :joy:

“it’s hot here in Pennsylvania” bro that’s only 66⁰ :sob: try a high of 98⁰

I’ve really never been a BVB fan, this song hooked me in. So good. Your analysis of the song was really good sir.

I used to have a problem with seeing blood, an ex used to give blood regularly and he encouraged me to go in to sit with him while he was doing it. I think the nurses in there thought they would get another willing volunteer but when I nearly passed out just from seeing people giving blood they changed their minds, though I was given a cup of sweet tea and a biscuit out of the experience! Though since having 2 kids my reaction to blood is polar opposite apart from going into motherly panic mode if they hurt themselves.

I’m just a huge nerd for metalcore and emo! I love everything from Warped Tour goth bands to you guys in ABR! To see the two collide is a dream come true! :black_heart::black_heart:🫶🏻 Amazing stuff Jake!

Andy is quite the looker and this is by far my favorite BVB song ever!