Jake Luhrs Reacts to Black Veil Brides - Bleeders

It’s inspired by Sweeney Todd so of course it was bloody, just see the musical or movie

Yes Andy is gorgeous…

Jake Luhrs: I See Stars (band)

Great lyrical analysis and reaction as well!

Been a fan for over a decade. Been waiting a long time for a theatrical video like this. And literally screamed when it was a dedication to Sweeney Todd. Its perfect for Andy and the bands vibe. Most people dont know that Andy is a pretty decent actor. American Satan really showed his talents. So it only makes sense that they would go down this path. The facial expressions he makes, especially during the slashing scene, are terrifying!

I have had the absolute please of meeting you twice, and both times I have been stricken by how down to earth and kind you were. The openness and values that shine through you, despite being the lead singer in one of the biggest metal bands in the world, is nothing but impressive. People always have their shortcomings and demons, including the man in the story you shared, but while I can relate to the feeling, remember that you have fans and people all over the world looking up to you for who you are.

Omg I’m at the gym trying to be serious and Jake drops a bit about putting on his big boy pants I’m trying not to crack up :joy:

Great song! The video reminds me of Sweeny Todd