Jake Luhrs Reacts to Burden by As I Lay Dying

Yo. I thought they all left other than Tim.
Song is awesome, though.

Can you check out a band called prospectives for a review? Their new single cold just dropped

Is that the clean vocalist from Miss May I??? Holy shit that’s a trip and a half.

Review Blinding Faith by Knocked Loose!

Jake, this song is about Mancino. Everyone left the band except Phil. Tim and Mancino were the remaining original members and they had a falling out which led to the separation. That’s what this is about.

Jajajajaja awesome story and reaction!

We need a big 4 of metalcore tour…aild abr kse and All that remains

Hey Jake ; Love your work and ABR, I’ve seen you guy 3 times and each time was a blast. I love the work you do with Heart Support and Mental Health Awareness.

I have suffered from depression, high anxiety and am on the spectrum, also due to my condition and life situations I’ve been through, I’ve developed PTSD.

This song reaches me and hits deep on a personal level because I have burden issues, but instead of someone else being the burden, it is I who is the burden and fading away.

Like you, I am a man of Faith but I have seen and dealt with so much darkness it has lead me astray and off the path I need to be on. I have seeked professional help and counseling, but to no avail. I’m at my lowest of of lows and in my darkest days.

I have your book “Mountains” and I know that these are just obstacles sent by the Enemy, but I’m having a hard time destroying them.

Much Love Jake and if you do read this, it would mean so much to me and all the best to you and the boys in ABR.

Ummmm ? Just me ? They are not together still. Half the band left.

Absolutely love this content Jake. Keep it coming man. God bless. :raised_hands:

I’m not sure how I feel about the obvious incident. Second chance at doing it, deserved. But as a person I don’t think I could respect or be around the persons energy. Do your thing I enjoy the music

Ryan is the perfect replacement for Josh!

AILD’s style always just feels like home, for some reason. It’s not bumping into musical boundaries or anything, but it’s just absolutely quintessential metalcore - archetypal, like the AC/DC of metalcore. Sick track. I’ve been a fan since the early 2000’s and I always will be.

To err is human, to forgive divine.

“The right style of metal…” fuckin’ amen

I like Ryans´s voice the most.

Your reaction to the brutality of that breakdown was all of us too :rofl: “ooooooohmagoshyes”

Great to see this. AILD and ABR made such an impact.

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I wanna see the footage of you playing with AILD now :joy:

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Jake’s reaction at the breakdown was everyone’s reaction

I think Tim was talking about his former bandmates.