Jake Luhrs Reacts to Burden by As I Lay Dying

I don’t know how they do it?, I found out after biegn fan of them for like 20 years that it’s Phill Sogrosso, he is the reason for those riffs he deserves more recognition as one of the best riff makes in modern rock history.

Hey Jake, enjoy your reactions. As I Lay Dying always bring the heat.

Also, Like Moths To Flames dropped a new album a few weeks ago and I’d be curious to know what you’d think about their new song “Over The Garden Wall” I’m pretty sure you would enjoy it. It is a banger.

I love how Ryan keep being himself and still bring the old AILD vibes :fire:

Anybody catch the drummer playing with a traditional grip??

Always seen Ryan as a poor man’s version of Josh Gilbert (not being mean btw) and it’s like a full circle moment seeing him replacing him. When I heard he was the replacement I was like: yuh it’s as it should be

damn, Ryan Neff filled the clean vocal hole solidly while also adding new flair…his voice also sounded like Roland from Sonic Syndicate/The Unguided