Jake luhrs reacts to darko us bunny suit

Man shoutout CaliberTV. They’ve been crushing it for forever

Come on Jake you scared? Where the new falling in reverse reaction? :joy:

Last thing I ever expected from Darko. Had that 80s Synthwave vibe and I’m all about it. Like, Metal, Pop Pumk, and Synthwave are my top genres. What a refreshing blend.

Hey Jake! We’re a Christian deathcore band similar to Impending Doom. We just dropped a new EP. Would love to see you react to the title track on our channel!

Love the song, but huge shout out to your critical analysis of the lyrics. It’s refreshing to see a review that cuts into the details of emotion this way :heart:

:heart: love the reaction!..

Boundaries next Jake!!..

This now this is a great review :call_me_hand:t3:

@darkobandus9645 I’m going to dance to this song at my wedding.

-The Video Editor

i hold grudges forever. so much so that i have not even spoken with my brother and sister in well over 10 years.

Mental Health-related comment: Stuggling to forgive myself in basically all my relationships. While all my breakups are objectively maybe no one’s fault per say, I leave part of myself with my partners and feel like less and less of a person each time. And now I try to find some kind of love from another just to make up some of the difference in my heart, as I don’t think it’ll be whole ever again. I’ve tried to change myself over and over to change my outlook on life, but depression and stress always accumilate again. (usually started from financial woes)

Yeah love to see the Darko love. Even though they are a heavy af band most of the time, I’m glad they feel safe to basically do whatever they want stylistically and their fans accept it: Soft, Heavy, electronic, some kind of mix, etc.

Tom is just incredible. Great review!


the “edginess:” its just a rattle, its not even forcing a sound out, compressing, its just a low sound but processing makes it sound loud, alot of his screams are just low sound, the after processing makes it sound loud, but even then breathing correctly and correctly placing the distortion is tricky too!

Thats how my mind sounds 80 percent of the day lol

Wow! I Had no idea you did reactions! Awesome! I agree, with the chaos of a lot of the riffs, guttural growls, and switch-ups in this song, the lyric content of Darko sometimes gets overlooked. A lot of emotional mature lyricism. Just listened to the full Starfire album and that holds true throughout. Love to see y’all add them to your Heart Support fest lineup :call_me_hand:t2:! Dayseeker too :pray:t2:!

I’m struggling with forgiving my Dad after he took his life. I’ve done the best that I can to forgive but the hurt still lingers.

I was at warped tour 2012 on stage in the wheelchair and you guys were awesome.

Yeah it was aight O_O…