Jake Luhrs Reacts to Divine by All That Remains

React to BABYMETAL X Electric Callboy - RATATATA

In my understanding. Most folk that will “Judge and attack” you for your curse words/language. Almost always, are taught that Judging and shaming others is the bad thing. But they hyperfocus on what they can easily control, which in this case is you. And not themselves or their own accountability. Jesus was a brown homie who hungout with whores, lepars, and addicts. The only thing you should be doing, is being yourself. And only feel pitty for those who shame you, because that’s all those hypocrites deserve.

Those comments at the hit hard

Powerful stuff in the end buddy. You’re a huge inspiration to me! “If i’m gonna be free, I gotta be me.”

I’m so glad to see all of these bands putting out new music in the past 2-4 years, there’s a pretty big resurgence and it’s taking back to high school.

Dude the thumbnail :sweat_smile: you look exactly like Elmer Fudd!!!

he was you before you knew you were you…

You have to remember that professionals have producers that have them try all sorts of things. They usually do not come in with a song and it stays that way. Producers are paid for a reason.

I still remember watching Anthony doing drum covers in his bedroom. Rocking that windbreaker haha. He was a beast even way back then

All that Remains has reinvented themselves after the death of Oli Herbert. Metal core is back in full force!