Jake Luhrs reacts to Elevate - Born of Osiris

Jake as a Pa man growing up with your vocals. Its dope seeing you appreciate born of osiris. Both abr and boo inspired a lot of my vocals. Saw abr last christmas show and introduced some non metal heads to metal thanks to abr. Just an appreciation comment.

Thanks for the kind words and taking your time to share and review our new music! I agree fully with your thoughts at the end. I struggle with a lot of the same stuff. Lately though, I’ve been trying to focus on gratitude. Whenever I’m on tour and feel like I want to complain about something I try to remember how many people would give so much to have the opportunities I do. As Ray Wylie Hubbard said, “The days I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, those are good days.”

Much love! -Lee & BoO

I think the line elevate you wont disintegrate is a reference to story of icarus.

So amazing to see one of my favs reacting to another one of my favs, I was shook when I saw your name as a react channel and I’m loving it!! Hope to see you in Toronto again, I met you guys backstage once on the frozen flame :slight_smile: stay well Jake

If you like underrated bands you should check out Before I Turn

Djent Is Not A Genre

Is an amazing album :grin:

You need to know PROJECT46 BRAZIL, Born of Osiris Is Amazing :heart:

Day 2 of Asking For: Death Empress by Synestia And Disembodied Tyrant

Hey jake listen to born of osiris-- mind short circuting. You will love it

So grateful for your content, man. ABR had a huge influence on my life and your lyrics helped me with empathy, self worth and anger issues. Trying to be a better being each day and, well, elevate. “we have so little time, let’s not spend in anger” is a creed I try to live by, even have it tattoed on my ribs. Much love!

Jake, you should check out the band “Designing Creation.” They remind me of you guys back in the Messengers and Constellations days. Soooo damn good! Nothing but good riffs and killer breakdowns. Start with “Up In Smoke (Guitar & Vocal Playthrough - ft. Clayton King)” video. If it wasn’t for the picking hand you’d think it’s JB playing lol.

According to Periphery, djent is not a genre

Hey Jake! Gotta listen to Project 86s new jams. Especially Pariah. Love the story behind their two album storyline and all the music videos that carry that story visually.

Jake! React to new LMTF brother! :fire:

Keen to see if you do a Falling in Reverse Ronald reaction. Pretty wild vid and song.

Dude Jake, you totally get it!! You should have your own band!!

Jake you’re the man. Cheers from San Diego.

Seems it really elevated you. Love boo and their lyrical atmospheric melodies. If we stay the same and dont evolve, we will just die out. In no discomfort, there is no growth. Check out acension and follow the signs by them.

The vibes from this are killer. That verse though is so :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: