Jake Luhrs Reacts to LOW TECH by Kublai Khan TX

Jake should definitely listen to Boundaries if he likes Kublai Khan.

This song has 1 riff and its still one of the best songs to come out this year.

Do New Falling Reverse song pls

Caveman DNA activated…

They don’t want us to be powerful, but we RISE UP AND RIIIIIIIIIDE.

Please PLEASE react to “theory of mind”

These guys are keeping Bury Your Dead’s original sound alive. I love it.

Now that’s a banger from the boys

That’s one lovely reaction dude!

the first time i heard this i really connected with the lyrics. because that’s how it feels. damned from the start.

Orbit Culture - Sound of the Bell

The lyrics will punch you in the gut.

Day 1 of Asking For: Death Empress by Synestia And Disembodied Tyrant

Been a fan for so long ive lost count

Please do the new Falling In Reverse!!!

I saw them at the the show you played in Adelaide and my word, I have never been more afraid to get into a pit in my life

Fantastic energy live from these lads

I’m going to see them at the RevRoom in Little Rock, AR this Wednesday with Harms Way. So stoked.