Jake Luhrs Reacts to Slaughter To Prevail for the first time. (Kid of Darkness)

Alex is just copying Lorna shore 5:00 GG

Thank you for your message. I’m going through a rough time in my life and I really needed to hear what you said. :metal:

Dude…. Slaughter to prevail DEMOLISHER! :fire::metal:t4::skull: thank me later!

You need to see Alex on one I’ve his live takes in his YouTube. It’s crazy.

This song, per Alex Terrible, is about nuclear war. That’s it. Not really any deeper meaning than that.

People can take from it what they want because it might remind them of an emotion of thought they have. But the intent of the song is simple being about nuclear war.

Just found your channel. LOVE Alex and the whole band. Viking is my all time fave though. Such an energetic video and preformance :fire::fire::fire:

Holy heck buddy!!! I didn’t know you had a channel! …I hope you’ve been well, hope to catch up with you at the rink again soon!