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Heartbreak, loss of brother, trying to get mental clarity


Huggz I have a brother & i get so scared of losing him… My socials are below!! Ill always be here!!!

Insta: (two underscores) .Septi. (Two underscores)
Twitter: (two underscores) Septi (two underscorse)
Discord: @(two undercores).Septi.(two underscores)#1618

Losing someone like that is sooooo hard. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for reaching out! You should be proud of yourself. You have the self awareness to know you need mental clarity! And because of that you are going to find it. Therapy helps so much.

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That is a VERY rough situation to be in. I lost one of my close friends to suicide 2 years ago now. I couldn’t imagine losing a brother. My heart goes out to you friend. I’m so sorry for your loss.

This will take time for you to over come this, but I know you can. Just please keep talking about how you feel and whats going on in your mind. Talk with a friend or family member.

Hold Fast Friend. We are all here for you. Love you!

Loss is heavy, without a doubt. It’s easy to get lost in it, caught up in the pain. But one thing I try to remember is to live for them, live like they’d want me to, and experience life in all the ways they’d want me to, or couldn’t. You need to talk more message me at 360-244-1137