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I have so much going on that is beyond my control. People try to help, but I can’t take it on board. I just keep going backwards.

Why do you feel like you’re going backwards?

First, remember that we all have situations that are out of our control. And it’s just that - beyond our control. Nothing we do or say can change the situation. We are only in control of our own actions and words. Take heart and know that everyone has had this feeling and that what you’re experiencing is valid.

You mentioned that people are trying to help but you’re having trouble receiving that help. Is it because you don’t feel worthy of the help, or because what they offer is not what you need?

Hey friend. Jenny replied to your post on her stream today! Check out her live video response! Hold fast :slight_smile:

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Going backwards happens. Losing control happens too. It’s saddening that they happen in overwhelming ways sometimes. But falling back is never the end. Falling back is temporary. And (re)gaining control takes time, but can be done too. Hold on to whatever helps you move forward. And remember that no matter what happens, you don’t have to deal with it alone.